Sunday, September 12, 2010

Schedule for LITTLE ROCK!

Schedule for the Week:
Monday - 9/13  Noon - 8pm: Consignor Drop Off

Tuesday - 9/14  9am - 6pm: Consignor Drop Off

Wednesday, 9/15  9am: 8-hr Volunteer Shopping
                          Noon: 4-hr Volunteer Shopping
                          4pm: Any Consignor Shopping
                          7pm: First Time Mom Shopping (register on website for pass)

Thursdsay, 9/16  7am - 6pm: Public Sale

Friday, 9/17  7am - 6pm: Public Sale
                    7pm - 9pm: Duck Duck Hunt & Early Half Price Shopping  $3/person

Saturday, 9/18  7am - 6pm: Half Price Sale (all items without a dot are 1/2 price)

Sunday, 9/19  6pm - 8pm: Consignor pick up unsold items and checks

Monday, 9/20  9am - 1pm: Consignor pick up unsold items and checks

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