Friday, February 25, 2011

Toys and Baby Equipment/Furniture

  •  Items must be thoroughly cleaned and have all required pieces/parts:
    • Note: Shoppers want to be assured that items are clean, all screws/bolts are included, and that the items are stable and safe for their child.
  • Battery operated toys without batteries:
    • Note: Buyers must be assured that the item works, so batteries are required.
  • Top Selling Items include:
    • Power Wheels, clean double strollers, quality toys, jogging strollers, carseat/stroller combos, Exersaucers, baby swings, high chairs, bouncy seats, and large outside play toys.
  • Baby Beds and Pack-n-Plays:
    • Note: These items must be completely assembled at drop off. If selling a baby bed, indicate on the card whether the mattress is included in the price. If the mattress is sold separately, it must have its own tag.  NO BABY BEDS with drop down rails due to recalls, please.
  • Videos:
    • Note: VHS tapes are not accepted. We will only accept DVD/Blue-Ray products that are in high demand, such as Disney products, Dora the Explorer, etc. Videos must be in their original packaging.
  • Items with tiny/loose pieces:
    • Note: All tiny/loose pieces should be packaged together in a zip lock bag. Attach the bag to the main item with heavy packing tape. On toys with multiple parts, consider putting masking tape tags on extra parts with your consignor ID and a "...goes with..." description. This will help re-unite parts if they become separated.

      We do not accept Beanie Babies, Kids Meal toys, stuffed animals, etc. We do accept electronic stuffed toys such as Big Bird, Talking Elmo, etc.

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