Sunday, October 3, 2010

Schedule for the Week - Duck Duck Goose NORTH

LOCATION:  In Jacksonville, take the LR Air Base Exit and turn right.  Duck Duck Goose NORTH will be located in the former Wal Mart Building on the main access road.  See you there!

Monday, Oct  4:  Noon - 8pm  Consignor Drop Off

Tuesday, Oct 5:   9am - 6pm    Consignor Drop Off

Wednesday, Oct 6:  Preview Parties
  • 9am: 8 hour Volunteer Shopping
  • 11am: 4 hour Volunteer Shopping
  • Noon: Any Consignor Shopping
  • 3 pm: First Time Mom Shopping
  • 4-6pm: Military Shopping (bring ID)
  • 6-8pm: Bring a Friend Party
Thursday, Oct 7:   8am - 8pm  Public Sale (free admission)

Friday, Oct 8:    8am - 8pm  Public Sale (free admission)

Saturday, Oct 9:   8am - 8pm  Half Price Sale & Memphis Flea Market (admission $2)

Sunday, Oct 10: 8am - 6pm  Half Price Sale & Memphis Flea Market (admission $2)

Monday, Oct 11: 9am - 1pm  Consignors pick up checks and unsold clothing.  (Checks will be mailed on Tuesday to those who can not come back for pick up).

Any questions:  email
Looking forward to a GREAT SALE!

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