Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Touch of Love" Photo Contest WINNERS!....

The second year for our "Touch of Love" Photo Contest was amazing!  We just loved looking at all the great photos (had to keep some kleenex on hand!), and so enjoyed your participation.

The experts at Bedford have graciously awarded the following moms gift certificates to further their habits!

1st Place - $100 Gift Certificate

2nd Place - $50 Gift Certificate

3rd Place - $25 Gift Certificate

THANKS TO OUR WONDERFUL FRIENDS AT BEDFORD CAMERA & VIDEO for making this extra fun!  Moms in Arkansas are addicted to your store!


So, here we go...The First Place Winner is:


From Roxanne Hall Daily; oh my, this precious miracle!  We loved this picture and so did the folks at Bedford.  What mother doesn't melt when she sees this??

Here's the story of the picture told by Roxanne:

"This picture is of myself and son in the NICU. We were told 20weeks into my pregnancy that it was just a matter of time before he would pass, but he held on and made it to 34weeks!! He was born weighing a whopping 2lbs 6oz. and 13in. long. He is my MIRACLE!!"

THANK YOU for sharing your amazing story with us!


Second Place goes to:


From Jill Hoover Dyer;  Absolutely fabulous photo!  Love the composition and lighting...and of course the precious subjects!

Here's what Jill had to say about this cute picture:

"Little Noah was not sure he liked his sister or not for several days after her arrival. This was the first time he kissed Emmy Love, when she was 1 week old. It is my very favorite picture!"

And finally, Third Place goes to this great portrait submitted by


Morgan Dillard Nolan - a picture of their first child...Daddy is the cute fireman!!  Get the kleenex - what a picture!


Thanks again everyone for participating.  We had so much fun.  The winners can pick up their Gift Certificates at the Little Rock sale (come to the Volunteer Checkin Desk).  And thanks again to Bedford!

Now, it's off to Sale Season....get your roller skates on!  IT'S TIME!


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