Thursday, February 9, 2012

NEW "Layers" By Scentsy is today's Give-Away!

Welcome to Day #5 of our 18th Year Celebration!

A random comment to Today's Question will be awarded a fabulous package from Scentsy's new line "Layers"!

Don't you just LOVE new products?!

PF-SIR copy.jpg

The winner gets this new yummy perfume called "Simply Irresistible"....which magically transforms a mommy from her spit up stained, diaper changing, lunch making attire into something from the movie Cinderella III.

Just kidding.

It does make you smell really good though.  And that counts.

This gift was donated by Rebecca Riley ( who also wanted to include....


...a $25 Gift Certificate for some items of your choosing from the new "Layers" Collection....which isn't even out until next month!

This line includes WONDERFUL products for your home of which you will fall in love.  Body Butter to Dryer Sheets.  Hooray!

To participate, answer today's question below.  If you do not have a google sign-in, simply leave an anonymous comment but include your name at the end of your comment.

Today's Question is straight from our Marketing Department:

"When Spring or Fall comes rolling around, how are YOU most likely to hear of the Duck Duck Goose Sale Dates?"

Magazine Ad, Billboard, Facebook, Sign at your local Gym....we'd love to know!

A random comment will win this smell good package from Scentsy TONIGHT at 8pm!


  1. Facebook is how I always hear about Duck Duck Goose sales.

    Bridgett Guthrey

  2. Toss up between facebook and the DDG website which I start checking regularly as soon as January gets underway.

  3. Ima total duck duck goose lover so I'm always looking on Facebook or on yall page! There NO way im gonna miss it ! I don't know what I'd do without y'all !!! Haley Linville

  4. I hear about it from facebook

    Brittney Lodder

  5. Facebook from a coupon blog I follow however the very first time I heard about it was through my Mamaw. I look forward to it every fall/spring :)

  6. Facebook and the Billboard near Sherwood.

  7. I'm always predicting the next sale while I'm shopping the season before the next!!! I usually know pretty well what time of the month it happens. I love duck duck goose. I keep in touch with facebook,and the web site and also warch for for billboards. I like the actual web site the best when it comes to times because I try to consign at every Little Rock sale.

  8. Facebook
    Crystal Wallace

  9. Facebook and the DDG website! I like to know the dates as soon as possible so that I can put it in my planner...everything else gets scheduled around DDG!
    Shanon Duschen

  10. Well, it USED to be Facebook. But now, thanks to a very cute duck and a 2 year olds LOVE for animals sounds.. It's the quacking coming from the back seat when he starts seeing those BRIGHT DUCK DUCK GOOSE billboards!
    Thanks, Holden!

  11. Facebook and from DDG contact for consignors.
    Linda Thompson

  12. Facebook Stephanie Reilly

  13. Facebook and billboards
    Weatherly Wolfe

  14. Well I always look forward to your great sales so I keep up with yall through your website, Facebook, and my sister. Plus all the cute duck signs everywhere! : )
    Amanda Harrod

  15. I usually hear about through Facebook or emails. Friends are usually talking about it to, so it is easy to be reminded.
    Stephanie Orobona

  16. Facebook!

    Arlene Cross

  17. Facebook and email!

    Jennifer Stafford

  18. Email and Facebook!!
    Regan Martin

  19. Facebook and the radio!
    Brianna Moore

  20. Facebook or other mommies at my kids play groups :)

    Ashley Steward Angus

  21. Facebook....easy to access & stay informed!

    Pam L.

  22. E-mails

    Priscilla B.

  23. Facebook and the emails DDG sends me!!! =) im a DDG lover!!

    Taylor Aldridge

  24. I always LOOK for the Duck Duck Goose dates on Facebook and if I get impatient I go to the website! I also subscribe to get the email notifications lol I'm definitely addicted to this consignment event!

  25. my favorite movie- " The Ugly Truth"
    - Barbara Mondragon