Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday's Photo Finalists

Wonderful Photos, moms!!

Here are Monday's Finalists.  We'll announce Tuesday's finalists in the morning.  Keep posting!



by Stacy Leonard - what a fun shot of a serious snow ball fight!  Love the border and text, too.  (she used Picnik from Picasa...it's free!)



by Rebecca Clifft - this picture could be in a magazine.  Love it!



by Rhiannon Kurtz - that is one AMAZING snowman!  HUGE!!!  Looks like Dad had as much fun as the girls!



by Catherine Stoevsand - oh, my...could she be any happier!  Covered in snow!  Love the embellishments.



by Lesley Wiederspan - a girly-girl and her snow girl!  We loved this picture!



by Tonya Riley Kinser - what can we say?  This is so cute!!  He could not resist!


Tuesday's finalists posted in the morning.  Winner later this week!


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