Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tuesday Photo Finalists

Here are Tuesday's Photo Finalists!  Sorry for the delay!



by Tina Finley - LOVE the expression on both their faces!  The pretzels and cereal and melba toast are so cute!



by Alanna Whiteside - so precious!  She was having a blast.  Love the pink frame, too! (what program is this?)



by Andrea Lee - this picture is adorable!  How creative!



by Crystal Holley - seriously...another magazine photo! (love the camo overalls with purple go girl!)



by Allison Brewer - all three of her kids' pictures were awesome!  Great composition.  Is this a black/white or sepia filter?  Wonderful!



by Jennifer Reed -!  Moms everywhere will LOVE this one!


Winner will be announced FRIDAY MORNING...especially if my van remains out of the ditch and wrecker free the next 24 hours (unlike the last 24)!

Thanks for your patience, Lynn with Duck Duck Goose :-)

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