Saturday, March 5, 2011

HOME DECOR & MORE - Extended Hours!


NEW this season at Duck Duck Goose...Home Decor & More sale is ALL WEEK (not just the weekend anymore!)

If you have new or gently used home decor items in great condition & current styles, give them a new home through the Home Decor & More Sale!  You'll make more money than having a garage sale, and have tons more exposure.  Plus, consignors have the CHOICE to mark their items HALF PRICE now due to the extended days of the sale!

Here are some ANSWERS to frequently asked QUESTIONS we've received:

  • YES!  You may bring up to 100 children's items in addition to Home Decor Items!
  • TAGS: use the Duck Duck Goose online barcode system.  Same consignor number.  The system has been adjusted to allow for your additional Home Decor items!
  • YES!  You now have the option to mark an item to go HALF PRICE if you choose to do so!  If not, that same old "Red Dot" means it will NOT go half price on Friday night and Saturday.
  • Be very PICKY please! Our space is limited, so we ask that you bring your BEST items.  Our check in process will be overseen by moms who are interior decorators, and they will screen every item.  Don't haul something to the fairgrounds just to take it home.  If you have any doubt, please email us at and attach a picture if possible.  Otherwise, we KNOW there are consignors with  wonderful items in their homes...which need a NEW home!  This is the place to cash them in!!
  • YES!  Consignors will pay only ONE consignor fee for all the goodies they consign in the Little Rock sale!
  • Drop off hours - Monday, March 7th, Noon until 8pm and Tuesday, March 8th, 9am - 6pm.
  • Pick up - Sunday, March 13th, 4pm - 7pm and Monday, March 14th, 9am - 1pm.

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